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Sports Related Injuries?

Kick sports injuries out of the game!

When you are an athlete at any level – from school age, collegiate, or professional, to “weekend warrior” – your feet, knees, and ankles take a beating. When you encounter foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, or back related pain, you will need to get rid of it fast and get back in the game!

Dr. Bruce Williams, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, and his team at Breakthrough Podiatry, get most patients out of pain in just five visits or less. Breakthrough Podiatry provides a fresh approach to quickly treat foot and lower extremity related sports pain. Unlike many, “outdated” approaches to podiatry, most patients are successfully treated without the use of painful injections or surgery.

Sports Related Injuries?

At Breakthrough Podiatry, patients of all ages are evaluated from head to toe to clearly identify any biomechanical problems that may be a result of foot problems, or are worsened by improper function elsewhere in the body. Dr. Williams harnesses the power of cutting edge medical technologies, such as pressure mapping, to identify and treat high pressure areas in the feet. Many patients are also treated by using digital video to identify and treat poor body alignment and function. Breakthrough Podiatry also uses digital foot scanning to specially design and make custom inserts for your shoes, providing a tremendous “leap forward” in the fight against podiatric pain.

If you suffer from sports related pain or disorder, make an appointment with Breakthrough Podiatry and get out of pain fast!

To learn more about how gait analysis may help your sports related problem, click the play button below.

  • Shin pain or shin splints
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle pain and/or chronic ankle sprains
  • Knee pain or weakness
  • Hip pain
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Stress fractures
  • Pain at the ball of the foot and/or metatarsal pain
Sports Injury Poster

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Sports Related Injuries?

Dr. Williams is the current Vice President and a Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Williams regularly travels around the country on behalf of the Academy, providing lectures and workshops discussing the use of the latest medical technologies in athletic podiatric treatment. Dr. Williams is the Team Podiatrist for Valparaiso University, and regularly provides freedom from acute and chronic injuries to their student athletes by fighting sports injuries head-on.

If you need relief from sports-related injuries or pain, please contact our office today.

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Sports Related Injuries?

What You Should Know

Do you have an active kid with heel pain? We can help! Click here for more information!
Are you experiencing pain when you golf? We can help! Click here for helpful tips!
Do you suffer from shin pain or shin splints? We can help!
Do you suffer from heel pain, ankle pain and/or chronic ankle sprains? We can help!
Do you experience frequent knee pain or weakness, or hip pain? We can help!
Do you experience frequent lower back pain? We can help!
Do you suffer from pain at the ball of your foot and/or metatarsal pain? We can help!
Become pain-free in as little as five visits!
Experience a fresh approach to treating foot and lower extremity sports-related pains and injuries
Painful injections and surgery are normally not needed!
Help is available for athletes of all ages!
High pressure areas in the feet are treated, along with digital video to identify poor body alignment and the need for podiatric shoe inserts

Sports Injury

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