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Need A Gait Analysis?

Gait Analysis Information Brochure- Click here!

Do You Have Foot, Leg, Knee, Hip or Back Pain?

Chances are, you are not alone. The average person takes thousands of steps each day, which results in the placement of extremely high pressures on the feet. This can lead to biomechanical problems with lasting effects.

Need A Gait Analysis?

On top of that, everybody is unique and has a different walking pattern, and as a result, leads us to the need for individual treatment. There is no “one size fits all” with foot problems. Now it’s easier than ever to evaluate your condition with foot pressure measurement technology. With this state of the art system, we can now essentially “see” inside your footwear and under your foot to evaluate your condition. 

Many conditions are treatable with modern medicine. However, assessing motion, and more specifically how you walk, has always been limited. Gait is dynamic, and everything happens quickly.  To make an assessment, we need to capture each movement from the second your heel hits the ground. 

Pressure mapping technology allows us to do that by capturing pressure data in each phase of motion from heel contact to toe off. The information it provides on how your feet are functioning and how you are walking helps us prescribe effective treatment for you.

These tests are used to evaluate almost any type of problem possible, whether it is to assess how effective your orthotics are, detect a limb length discrepancy, assess low back pain, identify areas of potential ulceration for a diabetic, and even to evaluate surgical procedures.

Individuals with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis with alterations in joint integrity or function that alter the weight-bearing surface of the foot and runners and joggers who experience shin splints, stress fractures, ligament pain and other foot, ankle and knee concerns will also benefit from this exam.

Gait Analysis Attacks Your Pain Faster

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Need A Gait Analysis?

What You Should Know

Do you frequently experience foot and ankle pain?
Are you a runner who suffers from shin splints, stress fractures, ligament pain and other foot, ankle and knee issues?
Do you suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis and have foot or ankle pain?
Pressure mapping technology identifies pressure points in the feet as you walk to help identify problem areas to be addressed through a variety of solutions
Gait analysis helps identify the effectiveness of your existing orthotics
Gait analysis helps limb length discrepancies and assess lower back pain
Gait analysis helps potential areas of ulceration for diabetic patients

To learn more about how gait analysis may help your chronic pain or gait-related foot and ankle problems, click the play button below.

The Exam…

Need A Gait Analysis?

Foot pressures are obtained by wearing sensing insoles or by walking over a sensing floor mat. The sensors are connected to electronics which captures the data as you walk in real-time. Vivid, easy-to-understand graphics will let you and your doctor see what is happening while you walk.

These sensors have extremely high resolution, which, similar to a digital camera, allows for the most accurate “picture” of your foot and reporting of the pressure values.

High risk areas, foot function and gait can be instantly identified.  Your treatment can then be planned and executed accordingly. 

If necessary, a follow up test can be done to substantiate the effectiveness of treatment.

The software displays the pressures with a color scale. Areas of red indicate highest pressures while blue indicates lowest pressure. Illustrated representations of the foot precisely locate and demonstrate pressure distribution in real-time, frame by frame. 

The user-friendly software will display your foot strikes dynamically as a “movie”, frame by frame.  You can view side-by side comparisons of before and after treatment to evaluate effectiveness. 

Data taken after treatment shows high pressure areas were reduced as evidenced by lack of red.

Need A Gait Analysis?


Need A Gait Analysis?

Treatment attempts to reduce high pressure problems and walking disorders are difficult to assess without this test. With this data, we can objectively see the improvement.

Diabetics are prone to developing pressure ulcers on their bottom of their feet because of their inability to feel the ground as they walk. This becomes extremely serious because this loss of sensation predisposes them to breakdown of skin and infection which can lead to if not treated to amputation.

Pressure measurement technology senses what you cannot feel and allows your clinician to offload potential sites of ulceration.

You can have different types of foot problems but once we find the problem, we can alleviate your symptoms and treat it.

A computerized gait exam assesses your condition in the actual environment that causes that particular problem.  We can actually see what is happening while you walk and give you the best treatment for your condition based on this data.

Ask us about a computerized gait analysis exam. Your treatment will be evaluated to ensure it is right for you. Your can get visual printouts to understand what is happening. And most importantly, you get better faster.

For additional information, please contact our office today.

Gait Analysis

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Gait Analysis Information Brochure- Click here!

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